Over 25 Years Fighting For Injured Workers’ Rights

At the law office of Brian Keeley, LTD, I understand the challenges that can surround your workplace injury. I was born and raised in Will County, and my family works in a number of local trades, so I am familiar with the difficult work conditions that people are exposed to on a daily basis.

After over two decades of protecting the rights of workers in the Bolingbrook area, I also understand how employers interact with their employees and with unions. Even if you have a legitimate claim to workers' compensation, you often need an aggressive attorney to fight for it. I have fought successful fights in a variety of cases, including:

  • Toxic substance exposure
  • Repetitive trauma claims
  • Railroad accidents
  • Construction injury claims
  • Occupational disease claims
  • Hearing loss claims

If you have experienced one of these workplace accidents or injuries on the job, do not hesitate to fight for the payment you deserve.

How To Know If You Have A Workers' Compensation Case

In order to have a workers' compensation claim, you need to show that you were injured while working. You also need to have given notice to the employer within 45 days of being hurt at work.

With proper notice, you may have a workers' compensation claim. But even without proof of proper notice, an experienced attorney can often show that an effective notice was given to the employer within that time frame.

You May Deserve A Variety Of Benefits

In workers' compensation claims, you may be entitled to medical treatment, disability payments and settlements if you have a permanent disability. If permanent disability prevents you from continuing in your previous role at work, you may be eligible for rehabilitation benefits or payment.

Employer Retaliation Is Illegal

If you pursue a workers' compensation claim, employer retaliation is against the law. In fact, if you are fired because of your claim, you can seek further legal action through a claim of retaliatory discharge.

With an experienced workers' compensation lawyer, you should have no worries pursuing a just and fair compensation. At Brian Keeley, LTD, I have fought for countless Illinois workers to gain the recovery they deserve. For a free consultation on your case, call 630-771-0050 or fill out our form online.