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Two Decades Of Personal Injury Experience Close To Home

You don't need to drive into the city for quality representation. I have over 25 years experience fighting for those injured in the Bolingbrook community.

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Fighting To Maximize Your Personal Injury Recovery

When you are involved in an accident, the costs can be staggering. In addition to property damage and medical expenses, you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and other forms of recovery as well. When you rely solely on insurance companies, you will likely only see a fraction of this recovery.

I am attorney Brian Keeley, and my law office is dedicated to helping you get the maximum recovery for your personal injuries. I put over 25 years of experience to work to fight for your car accident, motorcycle accident, personal injury or workers' compensation claim – striving to put you in the best possible financial position after a serious injury.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Ally – But I Will Be

When you are at the center of a personal injury claim, it may seem like everyone is against you. Insurance providers are for-profit companies, so they often go out of their way to minimize the payout for your claim. When the adjuster tries to take a statement from you, they are trained to get you to say things that lower the value of your recovery.

Do not trust the insurance company to determine your compensation. You need an aggressive attorney to fight for your claim. At my firm, I take every measure to fight for your best possible financial recovery. I am willing and able to litigate your case, and will work to attain a better recovery – one third of my cases are tried before the court.

Long History Serving Bolingbrook And Naperville

When I opened my Bolingbrook practice in 2000, I was the first lawyer in the area who focused solely on personal injury and Illinois workers' compensation claims. My law office is easily accessible to those in Bolingbrook, Naperville and the surrounding areas. While many personal injury firms in the area are located in Chicago, I provide reliable service here at home.

To receive a free initial consultation, email me or call 630-771-0050. Hospital visits and evening and weekend appointments are available. Fees are contingency-based. If I represent your case, I only get paid if I win.

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